Sada El Balad : Low-carb diets could reduce diabetes، heart disease (طباعة)
Low-carb diets could reduce diabetes، heart disease
آخر تحديث: الإثنين 24/06/2019 06:10 م Edited and translated by Ahmed Moamar
Low-carb diets could
Experts of nutrition dispute over benefits of various diets، especially ones contain more or lower carbs.
Eating a low-carb diet could make you healthier even if you don't lose weight because of it، a study has found،

Researchers discovered people could reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes، heart disease and stroke simply by cutting down on carbohydrates.

Metabolic syndrome، a combination of high blood pressure، obesity and high levels of fat and sugar in the blood، could be reversed by the diet change.

And people may reap the benefits of eating healthier even if they ate the same amount of calories and didn't shed any weight، the study added.
Researchers at Ohio State University studied 16 people with metabolic syndrome – the common condition affects around a third of American adults and a quarter of Britons.

People with a waist measurement larger than 37 inches (94cm) for men or 31.5 inches (80cm) for women are at a higher risk of having metabolic syndrome.

A diagnosis is usually made if someone has three of five main signs including the large waist size، high fat in the blood، blood pressure above 14090mmHg (12080 is the upper end of normal) or insulin resistance.