Sada El Balad : Egypt’s Dahab beaches ranked best in Middle East (طباعة)
Egypt’s Dahab beaches ranked best in Middle East
آخر تحديث: الإثنين 10/06/2019 09:39 ص Translated by Hassnein Tayea
Egypts Dahab
Egypts Dahab
Egypt’s Dahab named the best beaches in the Middle East of a list compiled by National Geographic.
The list included beaches from Turkey، Jordan، Lebanon، UAE، and other countries.

Dahab is home to coral reefs that are among the healthiest in the region being resilient to climate change. That is why visitors are recommended to use reef-safe sunscreen to not harm the ecosystem، as mentioned by National Geographic.

The Middle East is well known with its magnificent beaches from Jordan، Lebanon all the way to Turkey.

Nevertheless، when it comes to splendid scenery and sandy beaches، Egypt will always be top the most beautiful beaches list.

As supported by numerous polls held across the world، similar to the poll conducted by TripAdvisor in which a beach in Sharm el Sheikh was selected as the best in the region.