Sada El Balad : A heat wave hits Egypt، peak on Thursday (طباعة)
A heat wave hits Egypt، peak on Thursday
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 22/05/2019 01:49 م Basant Ahmed
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Egypt's Meteorological Agency has announced a heat wave that hits the country during the current days. Meteorologists advised citizens to stay away from the sun. Egypt has not seen such a wave since the beginning of the year.

Head of the Meteorological Authority's Analysis Center Mahmoud Shahin said that the wave started on Tuesday which faced 39 degrees Celsius، while today registers 43 degrees Celsius.

The weather will gradually rise in temperature until The heat wave will peak on Thursday registering 44 degrees Celsius، Shahin added.

On Friday، temperatures will gradually slide again until it reaches 40 degrees Celsius، Shahin revealed.
A number of Arab countries are affected by this heat wave، such as Palestine، Iraq and Jordan.