Sada El Balad : Egypt Proposes Int’l Conference on ‘Immigration Management’ (طباعة)
Egypt Proposes Int’l Conference on ‘Immigration Management’
آخر تحديث: الأحد 12/05/2019 09:42 ص
Nabila Makram
Nabila Makram
Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Ambassador Nabila Makram has called for organizing an international conference to exchange expertise on immigration management in order to benefit from the remittances of expatriates، Asharq Al-awsat reported.

Makram made her proposal on Friday during a meeting with a delegation from the World Bank، headed by Senior Director for Social Protection and Jobs Michal Rutkowski، in the presence of Assistant Minister for Institutional Development and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Dr. Saber Soliman.

“The minister reviewed during the meetings the activities and services provided by the Ministry of Emigration to take care of Egyptians abroad، build bridges of trust and strengthen their ties with their homeland،” the Ministry said on its official Facebook page.

It said Makram highlighted the effective role of the “Egypt Can” conferences and the organization of meetings for the second and third generations of Egyptians abroad to raise awareness on the country’s national security.

The Ministry cooperates with all concerned authorities in the country to solve the problems facing Egyptians abroad، it added، noting that it has been preparing to launch the fifth edition of the series of “Egypt Can” conferences end of July، dubbed “Egypt Can by Investing” in cooperation with the minister of investment and international cooperation.

Makram reviewed efforts to curb illegal migration by providing positive alternatives، including job opportunities، entrepreneurship and professional work in different Egyptian governorates and in cooperation with local partners، in addition to awareness programs، according to sources familiar with the matter.

She proposed giving the appropriate training to ministry representatives so that they carry out awareness campaigns among youth and families، rehabilitating and educating vocational students and provide them with job opportunities.

Rutkowski، for his part، reviewed World Bank's support in tackling illegal migration، reconstruction in developing countries and funding projects that serve sustainable development goals.

He praised the Egyptian leadership’s decision to revive the Ministry’s role in light of rising numbers of Egyptian expatriates and their impact on host states.

Edited By: Nada Moustafa