Sada El Balad : An Egyptian Lawyer files a lawsuit to close BBC Office in Egypt (طباعة)
An Egyptian Lawyer files a lawsuit to close BBC Office in Egypt
آخر تحديث: الأحد 24/03/2019 12:17 م Edited By: Nada Moustafa

The Egyptian Lawyer, Samir Sabry filed a lawsuit Sunday before the Administrative court calling for the closure of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Office in Cairo over broadcasting false claims with the aim of undermining Egypt’s stability and inciting against it.


He said that BBC has adopted hostile policies against the Egyptian state, seeking to falsify the facts and express the point of view of its financiers, adding that it has nothing to do with the professional standards.


Noteworthy, Egyptian institutions lashed out Friday at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for hosting an Egyptian national, considered by Cairo as a terrorist, to speak about local issues, Asharq al Awsat  Newspaper reported.

The channel has made a huge mistake, said Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

According to Egypt, the BBC guest is Muslim Brotherhood member Yasser al-Omda, who was added last year by the Cairo Criminal Court to the list of terrorist figures.

Omda, who is a regular guest at Brotherhood-affiliated TV channels broadcasting from Turkey, left Cairo in 2013.

Egypt declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization in the same year.

A similar crisis erupted between the BBC and Egyptian institutions in February 2018 after the channel said it spoke with an Egyptian woman about the alleged forced disappearance of her daughter, who later appeared on TV denying her arrest.

On Friday, many Egyptians posted comments on BBC’s social media pages, criticizing the channel for its interest in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Head of the complaints department at Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation Jamal Shawki confirmed receiving a complaint against the channel for insulting Egyptians.

“After closely inspecting the content of the BBC episode, the department found that it included direct insults against the Egyptian people, and is considered a historic mistake.”