Sada El Balad : 2019 BMW X7 first drive: Great potential in either xDrive40i or xDrive50i guise (طباعة)
2019 BMW X7 first drive: Great potential in either xDrive40i or xDrive50i guise
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2019 BMW X7 first
The BMW X7 3-row SUV fits six or seven people comfortably and offers a chic، lounge-like experience to drivers and passengers alike. High quality leathers، glass dials and soft-touch plastics make it all together sumptuous and befitting those living an upper-middle class lifestyle. Almost.

Why almost? Because the X7 also offers a Dynamics Handling Package with an electronically controlled locking M-sport differential and 22-inch wheels with a staggered set of run flat، Pirelli P Zero performance summer tires (Front: 27540 R22 Rear: 31535 R22) as an option. When so equipped، road noise increases to levels above what the most refined among us would find acceptable. And، more importantly، tire grip mismatches suspension tuning. It never feels bad، just not quite right.

One can only conclude that the X7 still needs to find its true self. BMW wants the X7 to compete in the ever-growing and widening luxury SUV segment and، somehow، still clutch at the straws of its pure performance sedan past. And that makes for an awkward moment or two on the road. Again، nothing bad، just not quite reaching its full potential.

Let me explain.

BMW’s newest model stretches 203.3 inches from bumper to bumper، takes up 78.7 inches of lane width and stands 71.7 inches tall. The wheelbase is over ten feet at 122.2 inches. That’s big. Bigger than an X5 in every dimension، the X7 is over 10 inches longer for example، and a reasonably close match to the 7-Series sedan، which shares its platform with the X7. BMW insists that the X7 shares fewer than one percent of its parts with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The comparisons are tempting، but I begrudgingly accept that any similarities are، at least، somewhat coincidental.