Sada El Balad : Labor accuses Blue and White of being 'right-wing' (طباعة)
Labor accuses Blue and White of being 'right-wing'
آخر تحديث: الخميس 14/03/2019 09:11 م Arutz Sheva
Labor accuses Blue
The Labor party released a video accusing the Blue and White party of being a ight-wing party that intends to "build in the settlements no less than Netanyahu."

In response، the Blue and White people wrote on its Twitter account، "Shalom to the Labor Party. But seriously، an indictment against the prime minister، Smotrich as a candidate for education minister، Bibi putting the Kahanists in the government، corruption eating the country، and all you have in response is this campaign against the Blue and White party? Against the only chance to replace the Netanyahu government? Really، are seats all you care about?"

The Labor party quickly responded on Twitter: "Really??? You are the ones who say 'Blue and White is the Likud of the past، which means 'we will build in the settlements no less than Netanyahu' and that 'our ideology is the same as the Likud's.' Thanks، but we have been in this movie already. Ask Lapid. We are the only insurance policy to insure that no one takes votes for the camp of change and give them to the right."