Sada El Balad : LaLiga officials to arrive in Cairo tomorrow, discuss Egyptian sports market (طباعة)
LaLiga officials to arrive in Cairo tomorrow, discuss Egyptian sports market
آخر تحديث: الخميس 14/03/2019 12:14 م Edited by: Mohamed Emad
LaLiga and ESLSCA
LaLiga and ESLSCA officials

In the first course organized with ESLSCA، LaLiga (Spanish Premier League) professionals and managers arrive tomorrow، Friday، in Cairo in the framework of collaboration between both institutions.

The first short course organized by LaLiga and ESLSCA will give the participants a detailed overview of the latest marketing trends and sports. The intensive course will take place this weekend in ESLSCA premises and more than 30 people will take part.

Jose Moya، Director of LaLiga Business School، Eduard Legendre، Lecturer in LaLiga Business School and Sponsorship Director at Ogilvy، and Juan Fuentes Fernández، Delegate of Laliga in Egypt، will be the professionals speaking from LaLiga side.

On the other hand، Mohamed Serag، Al-Ahly board member، will also share the local club experience، speaking about how Al-Ahly have managed to become the most successful club in Africa and MENA، from the sports but also from the marketing perspective.

“We have received several submissions and talked with a lot of interested people. Everybody appreciates this project. The project starts here، and not only the course will take place، we want to build a network for sports management professionals، where they can meet every month، to open discussions about new trends and hot topics and of course create added-value connections and networks.” Mohamed Essawy، Director of the Center of Excellence of ESLSCA have shared.

Last December a MoU between LaLiga and ESLSCA was signed at the Spanish Embassy in Cairo، and this is the first initiative organized under the agreement.

“Massive sports events are about to take place in Cairo، CAN، Hand Ball World Cup… And many others such as big marathons are being organized. It is very important for the market to bring foreign expertise and to contribute to the development of such events.” Juan Fuentes Delegate of LaLiga، added.