Sada El Balad : Film “Ras el Sana” premiere date revealed! (طباعة)
Film “Ras el Sana” premiere date revealed!
آخر تحديث: الخميس 14/03/2019 11:42 ص Edited by: Yara Sameh
“Ras el Sana” film
“Ras el Sana” film poster

The premiere date for film 'Ras el Sana' has finally been revealed!

The producing company for film “Ras el Sana” (New Year’s Eve) has settled on March 20 as the film’s premiere date.

Ras el Sana co-starring Eyad Nassar، Basma، Injy El Mokkaddem، Shereen Reda، Ahmed Malek، Aly Kassem، Huda el Mufti، and others.

The film is written by Mohamed Hefzy، and directed by Mohamed Sakr.

This year will feature several artistic works for Jordanian actor، Eyad Nassar such as film، “Ras el Sana” “Casablanca”، “Al Mamar”.

Eyad will also make a special appearance in Egyptian actor، Karim Abdel Aziz’s film “El Feel El Azraq” (The blue Elephant) sequel.

Moreover، he will participate in Ramadan 2019 drama marathon with TV series “Al Khawali”.

Noteworthy، Eyad Nassar is a Jordanian actor and director. He was born in Amman in 1974، and worked as a teacher، before switching his career to acting. 

He started by working as an assistant director in many television series، after which he directed theater plays. 

Nassar's acting talent appeared strongly in the popular Syrian series “Al Amin wal Ma'moun،” after which he moved to live in Cairo and started a new phase in his career through working in Egyptian television dramas like “Sarkhet Ontha”. 

His breakthrough performance was that of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan El Banna in the historical series “Al Gama'a”. He received wide critical acclaim for his depiction of the Brotherhood leader and earned a big fan base in Egypt. 

From then on، his work shifted majorly to Egyptian television series، and he went on to play successful roles in series like “Al Mowaten X” and “Moga Harra”. 

Nassar also worked in film، starring in works like “Bentein min Masr” (Two Girls from Egypt) and “Basra.”