Sada El Balad : New seven-seat SUV to join Jeep Grand Cherokee (طباعة)
New seven-seat SUV to join Jeep Grand Cherokee
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 12/03/2019 08:32 م Car News
New seven-seat SUV
Jeep has confirmed that it will launch yet another new larger seven-seat SUV in 2019 to sit above its current Grand Cherokee.

According to Auto Express، Jeep’s boss Mike Manley confirmed a new seven-seat SUV is on the way.

“We’ve made some announcements for investments in our US plants، which are really important for us because that brings two additional products to our Jeep portfolio، segments that frankly I’ve wanted to be in for a long time،” said Manley.

“One is the large SUV segment. There are relatively few competitors in there، but it could be a great segment for Jeep and we’ll bring back the Grand Wagoneer at that time.

“Then the second is a three row Jeep، which will technically play in the same segment as Grand Cherokee. Roughly 60 per cent of that segment is three row، so Grand Cherokee has really only played in 40 per cent. That will open up that part of the segment for us.”

According to Manley، the new seven- or eight-seat SUV is unlikely to be badged the ‘Grand Cherokee’ as the Jeep boss considers it an icon.

“We’ll have the choice of Grand Cherokee or a different model،” said Manley. “For me، the Grand Cherokee is such an icon، so that’s why I talk about [the new model] as a three row Jeep.

Set to be launched as soon as this year، the new three-row SUV will arrive after the Gladiator pick-up.

From launch، the new SUV is expected to be offered with Jeep’s new plug-in hybrid powertrain.