Sada El Balad : 33 Hot air balloons glide over Luxor today (طباعة)
33 Hot air balloons glide over Luxor today
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Hot air balloons
Hot air balloons
At least 33 hot air balloons carrying 725 tourists of different nationalities took to the sky in Luxor today at dawn.

last year، A tourist was killed and 12 other people were injured in a hot air balloon crash near Luxor in Egypt، state-run news agency MENA reported، according to Reuters.

The balloon، with tourists from different nationalities and Egyptians onboard، crashed to the west of the city of Luxor، MENA said.

The health ministry said a woman was killed and 12 people injured but gave no other details.

In 2015، at least 19 people، most of them Asian and European tourists، died near Luxor when a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed after a mid-air gas explosion.