Sada El Balad : Watch: Diane Keaton's new film 'Poms' Trailer (طباعة)
Watch: Diane Keaton's new film 'Poms' Trailer
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Diane Keatons new
Diane Keatons new film Poms

The first trailer for Diane Keaton‘s upcoming movie Poms has just been released!، just Jared reported.

The 73-year-old Oscar-winner stars as Martha – a former cheerleader who moves into a retirement village where tells the community manager that she’s just there waiting “to die.”

With the encouragement of Jacki Weaver‘s character، the two decide to form a cheerleading club for her fellow residents. With the help of a young cheerleader، the ladies decide to enter and compete in an “18-plus” cheerleading competition.

Rhea Perlman، Pam Grier، Celia Weston، and Alisha Boe also star in the film.

Poms hits theaters on May 10 – watch the trailer below!

Edited by: Yara Sameh