Sada El Balad : Dorra stuns in latest photo session… Shereen Reda makes a throwback to modeling days (طباعة)
Dorra stuns in latest photo session… Shereen Reda makes a throwback to modeling days
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Dorra Zarrouk
Dorra Zarrouk
Dorra stuns in latest photo session

Tunisian actress، Dorra Zarrouk took to her Instagram account to post her latest photo session، taken by professional photographer، Youssef Tayeh.

Dorra looked stunningly gorgeous in a casual look، wearing a white blouse and blue jeans، stunning، with a simple make-up and hair-style، which gained the admiration of her fans across the social network.

“La vie se vit، elle ne se pense pas.” he captioned.

Zarrouk is participating in Ramadan 2019 drama marathon with historical Syrian TV series “Al Haramlek”.

Mohamed Ramadan reveals result of 24-hours concert poll for Instagram fans 

Egyptian actor-singer، Mohamed Ramadan has revealed on his official “Twitter” account، the result of a poll he issued for his fans on Instagram. 

“I asked my fans Via Instagram stories wither if they wanted me to perform a concert in 2019، the voting lasted for 24 hours، the results were 61،000 wanted a concert، and 30،962 others didn’t want one.” he tweeted on Twitter.

Mirhan Hussein share pictures from first-day filming of her new TV series “Alamet Estefham”

Egyptian actress-singer، Mirhan Hussein was keen to share with her fans the first day of filming of her new TV series “Alamet Estefham” (Question mark)، which he will participate in Ramadan 2019 drama marathon with.

She posted pictures from the behind-the-scenes and captioned: “Shooting TV series “Alamet Estefham”.. Ramadan 2019 god willing، your prayers، “Alamet Estefham” is written by Islam Hafez، directed by Samih El-Nakash، produced by Synergy Production Company” she captioned.

Alamet Estefham co-starring Mohamed Ragab، Haitham Ahmed Zaki، Jihane Khalil، Edward، Nourhan، Koky، Mahmoud El Bezzawy، Abdelrahman Abou Zahra، and others.

Wael Kfoury to perform live in Dubai on Feb.22

‘The king of romance’ Wael Kfoury will perform live at the pointe palm، Palm Jumeirah، Dubai، UAE، on February 22.

Wael took to his social media accounts to post the poster of her upcoming concert، and captioned: “#Dubai again! #Feb22nd @thepointepalm Meet me there! #WaelKfoury #وائل_كفوري #UAE ”.

Shereen Reda makes a throwback to modeling days

Egyptian actress and former advertising model، Shereen Reda made a throwback to her advertising model career on her official "Instagram" account.

She posted a lollypop advertising and captioned: “Advertising Days”.

Ahmed Dawood: Hepta is the second movie to be is turned into Bollywood after 122

Egyptian actor، Ahmed Dawood posted a picture on his official “Instagram” account، announcing that his film “Hepta: the last lecture” will be the second film to be turned in Bollywood after his film 122.

“Hepta is the second movie in Bollywood after 122، I am coming Shah Rukh Khan” he captioned.