Sada El Balad : Mozart: A Life (طباعة)
Mozart: A Life
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Book cover
Book cover
Mozart’s music has enthralled listeners for centuries. In this brilliant biography، acclaimed historian Paul Johnson draws upon his expert knowledge of the era and Mozart’s own private letters to conjure Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life and times in rich detail. Johnson charts Mozart’s life from age three through to his later years—when he penned The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni. Along the way، Johnson challenges some of the popular myths that cloud Mozart’s image: his allegedly tempestuous personal relationships and supposedly bitter rivalry with Salieri، as well as the notion that he was desperately impoverished when he died. The result—a bold، invigorating portrait of one of the most popular and influential composers of all time—is a welcome addition to Johnson’s extraordinary body of work and makes a perfect gift for classical music lovers and fans of biographies.

Paperback: 176 pages
Author: Paul Johnson
Publisher: Penguin Books; Reprint edition (November 25، 2014)
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.4 x 0.4 x 8.4 inches

About the Author
Paul Johnson is the bestselling author of numerous books، including Darwin: Portrait of a Genius، Socrates: A Man for Our Times، Napoleon: A Penguin Life، and Churchill.

Editorial Reviews
“Historian Johnson lauds everyone’s favorite composer so as to pique the interest of every reader.... Johnson starts debunking myths on the first page... [and] they all crumble under his commonsense presentation of evidence. An altogether excellent primer on possibly the most complete musician who ever lived.” —Booklist (starred review)

"Most satisfying... A highly accessible initial foray into an astonishing، and inexhaustible، subject." —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Impassioned... Johnson captures the depth of Mozart’s achievement with a scholarly fan’s... enthusiasm.... A compact and knowledgeable portrait of genius.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Johnson packs a great deal of information into these pages... and his grasp of Mozart's musical output is astounding، his description of Mozart's works comprehensive and enlightening.... This is a solid، and often fresh، introduction to the life and work of the composer.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The perfect stocking stuffer... A portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that will give pleasure to and increase the understanding of old Mozart hands as well as those reading for the first time about the man... Like his latest subject، Johnson never strikes a false note.” —The American Spectator

“Excellent... A delightful، concise read. It's fun—like listening to Mozart is.... To learn about the life of such a remarkable musician is a treat and a privilege. Paul Johnson has made Mozart’s story accessible and rewarding.” —Washington Independent Review of Books

“This short، pithy، intelligent book will appeal to music lovers and general readers.” —Hudson Valley News

Edited by: Yara Sameh