Sada El Balad : Sandy’s new film “Eish Hayatk” to special screen tonight (طباعة)
Sandy’s new film “Eish Hayatk” to special screen tonight
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 12/02/2019 01:28 م Edited by: Yara Sameh
Egyptian singer-actress، Sandy new film “Eish Hayatk” (Live your life)، will special screening Tuesday evening، amid the attendee of the film’s cast and filmmakers.

Among the attendee will be Sameh Hussain، Sandy، Edward، Mohamad Nour، director Tamer Basiony، and others.

The film aims to promote Egyptian tourism around the globe in general، and in Russia in particular.

The film will hit be released in the cinemas tomorrow، Wednesday، which will be Sandy's second film to co-star.
Noteworthy، Sandy Adel Ahmed Hussein is an Egyptian singer. Sandy was born on April 22، 1986.

She studied Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Languages for four years.

She began her singing career in 2012، with a song entitled "Kol Ma Arab" of the distribution company "Star Label،" which has included the famous song "Kol Ma Arab"، with lyrics by Hany El saghir and music by Mohamed Rahim.

In 2009 she released song "Shoftoh W Makalemneish" that boosted her stardom.

Shoftoh W Makalemneish was written and composed by Mohammed Rifai Husam Badran and released within an album entitled "Solo hits 1”.

Sandy made her acting debut in 2014 film “Khetet Jimmy” (Jimmy's Plan).

Khetet Jimmy co-starring، Sandy، Eslam Gamal، Genna Amr، Hanaa El Shorbagy، Lotfy Labib، Hana El Zahed، and directed by Tamer Bassiouni.

On 30 December 2015، the singer announced (with a terse post on the Facebook page) her retirement.

Later On، she came on TV with TV host Mona El Shezly، saying that her husband announced her retiring، but she is not retiring، stating that she had asked for a divorce and but he does not comply.

During her music career she released 5 albums.