Sada El Balad : Mohamed Hamaki's lyrics video “Mel Bedaya” nears 9 mln on YouTube (طباعة)
Mohamed Hamaki's lyrics video “Mel Bedaya” nears 9 mln on YouTube
آخر تحديث: السبت 09/02/2019 10:47 ص Edited by: Yara Sameh
Mohamed Hamaki
Mohamed Hamaki

Egyptian superstar، Mohamed Hamaki lyrics video “Mel Bedaya” (From the beginning) from his new album "Kol Youm Men Dah" has achieved a great success by earning 8،962،341 viewers، and ranking no.6 on Egypt’s YouTube trending list.

Nogoum Records Production Company debuted on January 24 Egyptian superstar، Mohamed Hamaki new album "Kol Youm Men Dah"، on its YouTube channel.

Hamaki chose song “Kol youm min dah” to be the album’s hit-song.

The album comes after a working period that lasted more than 3 years.

“Kol Youm Men Dah” features surprises in terms of music and lyrics than the fans as used to in his albums with Nogoum Records.

The album includes 20 songs.

In this Album، Mohamed cooperated with a notable group of songwriters and prominent composers including، Ayman Bahgat Kamar، Amir Teima، Nader Abdallah، Khaled Taja.

He also cooperated with many poets including Tamer Hussien، Amr Mostafa، Sharif Taja، Tamer Ali، Mohamed Yehia and others.

This will be Hamaki’s third released album from Nogoum Records.

Hamaki’s last released album is “Omroh Ma Yeghib”، which was released in 2015.

Noteworthy، Mohamed Hamaki is an Egyptian singer، and one of the Middle East’s adored singers.

Mohamed was born in Cairo in November 4، 1975. He studied music in music school and released his first single in 1997.

Hamaki released his first album in 2003 called "Lets live" which achieved a huge success and encouraged him to release 3 more similar albums، following that، he sang the soundtrack of Ahmed Helmy’s 2006 film “Gaalatny Mogreman” (She Made Me a Criminal).

In 2010، he won the award "Best Arabia Act" at the MTV Europe Music Awards and music award in 2006 for "Ahla Haga Fiki".

He also achieved the MTV music awards as best singer 2008، and also received awards for best album and best video clip in the year 2008.

Hamaki judged ‘The Voice’ season 4، along with Elissa Assi El-Hellani، and Ahlam.

Assi El-Hellani is the only remaining judge from the previous season، season 3، after superstars Sherine، Kazem Al-Saher and Saber al-Rubai had left.

MBC TV Network officially announced in a press conference on September 6 the new judges of the Arabian version ‘The Voice’، the Arabic version of Dutch show The Voice of Holland، for the next season.