Sada El Balad : Haitham el-Haj: Cairo Book Fair visitors exceeded 1 mln in 6 days (طباعة)
Haitham el-Haj: Cairo Book Fair visitors exceeded 1 mln in 6 days
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Haitham el-Haj
Haitham el-Haj

Head of the General Egyptian Book Organization Haitham el-Haj revealed that the total visitor's number to Cairo International Book Fair "Golden Jubilee"، reached one million and 45 thousand visitors، from 23 January until Monday evening.

He pointed out in a press statement on Monday that the visitors reached yesterday 165 thousand visitors.

The 50th edition runs from January 23 to February 5th، held for the first time in the outer suburbs of the city.

The book fair will open daily from 10:00 AM – 08:00 PM (Cairo local time).

Egypt’s President، Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurates on January 22 the Golden Jubilee of Cairo International Book Fair.

This came within the framework of the state’s keenness to spread awareness، culture and science، in the light of President Al-Sisi’s adoption to “Egyptian Person Building” strategy.

The annual Book Fair will be attended by 169 countries representing 35 countries، with 170 Arab and foreign guests.

Among the participating countries will be 10 African countries، which includes Kenya، Ghana، Nigeria، 16 countries from Asia، 7 from Europe and 2 Americas.

The fairground has moved from the fairground in Nasr City to the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Tagamoa El-Khamis، in the suburb of New Cairo.

Inas Abdel-Dayem، Egypt's culture minister، said that this golden jubilee edition will be an "exceptional" new shift for the fair.

The new venue covers 45،000 square metres، housing 1273 publishers will participate in the book fair، including 748 Egyptian publishers، and 525 agencies.

Moreover، nearly 62 Egyptian publishing houses will participate in the Book Fair for the first time، in addition to at least 23 Arab and foreign publishing houses will participate in the book fair for the first time.

In this edition، CIBF will compromise of 723 pavilions.

Moreover، at least 2800 writers، critics، and poet will participate in cultural events.

The Book Fair will hold 419 cultural events، and 144 artistic events، 234 events dedicated to children، and 600 signing parties.

The Book Fair will also hold 8 workshops for theatrical writing and fine art.
At least 594 Number of new books offered by the General Egyptian Book Organization.

The book fair consists of 4 halls، each hall is 10،000 meters، there is no open exhibition، the first hall is dedicated to the books of heritage، Al-Azhar and Saudi Arabia، the second halls is for Arab publishers and foreign books، the third hall is for Egyptian publishers، and the fourth hall is the main exhibition hall and children's publishers، where it is authorized to sell.

The halls are equipped with all the requirements of the presentation such as shelves، chairs، and tables.

The book fair has also equipped a hall for the signing parties and seminars، as it is not allowed to hold the signing parties in the pavilions.

People of special needs will be allowed entrance for free، as long as they have their card.

Noteworthy، the Cairo International Book Fair is the largest and oldest book fair in the Arab world، held every year in the last week of January in Cairo، Egypt، organised by the General Egyptian Book Organisation. The Fair is considered the most important event in the Arabic publishing world.

The Book Fair is one of the biggest book fairs in the world، drawing hundreds of book sellers from around the world and about 2 million visitors each year. In 2006، it was the second largest book fair in the world after the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The fair is also notable as Cairo-based publishers produce an estimated three of five Arabic language books printed in the world، and the state owned General Egyptian Book Organisation—who coordinate the fair—is the largest book publisher in the Arab world.

The fair features booths and speakers from private publishers and government agencies from around the world، as well as retailers of books، video، and other media. Lectures، readings، and other public events take place during the almost three weeks over which the book fair runs، and material is presented in Arabic، English، and other languages. The fair purposely appeals to ordinary Egyptians، with media on mainstream topics، outdoor events، and even fireworks to entertain the large crowds.

The CIBF was founded by the General Egyptian Book Organisation، a government publishers and retailers group، in 1969 to coincide with celebrations of the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Cairo. Its 41st iteration was held from 21 January to 5 February 2009.

Edited by: Yara Sameh