Sada El Balad : TV Presenter Samar Yousry hosts actress Sahar El Sayegh tonight (طباعة)
TV Presenter Samar Yousry hosts actress Sahar El Sayegh tonight
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 22/01/2019 04:08 م Edited by: Yara Sameh
Yousry with Sayegh
Yousry with Sayegh

TV Presenter، Samar will host Tuesday evening actress، Sahar El Sayegh on her program “Hafla 11” broadcasted on “ON E” satellite channel.

During the interview، Sahar will address several artistic and personal topics.

“Hafla 11” program is broadcasted weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:00 PM (Cairo local time).

Noteworthy، Sahar El Sayegh is an Egyptian actress. She was born in 1990. 

Sahar began acting in TV serials when she was a child، the most famous of which was “Om Kolthom” which starred Sabreen in 1999. 

In the series، Sahar played Om Kolthoom as a young girl. The Sahar’s role “big break into the world of acting، which she pursued alongside studying at the Faculty of Dentistry. 

In 2008، she appeared in the TV serial “Fi Ed Amina” (In Amina’s Hand) alongside the actress Yousra. 

She also acted with Yousra in the series “Khas Gedan” (Very Special) in 2009 after having been proposed for the part by producer Gamal El Adl. 

In 2010، she appeared with a star-studded cast in the most famous TV series she has acted in، “El Hara.”

She is known for roles in 2017 TV series “Kafr Delhab”، in 2017 TV series “Welad Tesa”، in 2017 TV series “Ramadan Kareem”، in 2016 TV series “Laila”، in 2015 TV series “Oreedo Rajolan”، in 2015 TV series “Oyoyun el-Qalb”، and in 2015 TV series “Halet Eshq”.