Sada El Balad : Actor Said Abdel Ghani passes away aged 81 (طباعة)
Actor Said Abdel Ghani passes away aged 81
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 18/01/2019 09:52 ص Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Said Abdel Ghani
Said Abdel Ghani

Renowned actor، Said Abdel Ghani has passed away on Friday، at the age of 81، after a struggle with illness.

Details regarding the funeral and consolation marquee have not been revealed yet.

Said Abdelghani (1938-2019)
Said Abdel Ghani was an Egyptian actor and former journalist. He was born on January 23، 1938 in a village called Nawasa Al Bahr، Aga، Dakahlia governorate.

Said graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1958; Later on worked in the art section in Al-Ahram newspaper and then lived up to become the head of the section and from there he became the head of the art section of “Al Ahram Al maasai”، were he worked with numerous actors and directors were، and from there was his ticket to the acting industry.

His began his acting career on the theatre، where his first plays were "Alqrar" and "Jabal Magnatisi" on the El Taliaa Theater in 1973.

He also appeared in several television works during that period.

His first film experience was in 1974 film "El Fatena W El Saaloq" at the age of 35، which was followed by many cinematic، television and theatrical works.

He left the world leaving behind his wife and son، actor Ahmed Abdel Ghani).

His repertoire is filled with more than 124 artistic works.