Sada El Balad : CAPRICORN friendship (طباعة)
CAPRICORN friendship
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CAPRICORN friendship

You are possessive and jealous in your friendships and give a lot in relationships of any sort but expect the same degree of loyalty in return. You are extremely practical and your common sense will be one of your most invaluable assets، according to

You are a person of action – not words، and prefer to show not tell. Capricorns have razor-sharp minds and take pride in whatever they do. You don’t like making errors so your practicality gets it right first time around. You’re like this with friends too. You’re in it for keeps.

You handle pressure better than most and this reflects your wonderful level of self control when friends get out of line. Because of this character trait you make a great leader. Friends and acquaintances respect your quiet assertiveness. You’re a perfectionist in your life even if you are slower than most in getting to the
finishing line.

You’re not averse to fashion but prefer to remain unassuming. You don’t want to play the trend game that some of your peers do. You are your own person in this respect. You have your eye on the longer term benefits of relationships rather than superficial trends. You’re a graceful individual and your elegance and beauty is not at first recognizable. Being down to earth you don’t like to show off and your talents are more modest and sensible than most. For this reason you prefer friends who are down-to-earth and vice versa.

You like friendly competition and play fairly، but if people cross you you’re probably not able to let things slide that easily. Your friends will need to understand this about you. You regard status and social standing as enormously important but you mustn’t make it the main focus in your life. Money and power may ultimately eclipse your personal relationships leaving you feeling empty.

You are a great judge of character and don’t usually get caught up in fads. You have a practical intuition about others. Use it! Your demanding nature picks the flaws in others’ personalities and you use this as leverage against them. Be careful not to become malicious using human flaws as a weapon against others. You should also try to be as constructive as possible in your criticism of the people you love.

You prefer predictable outcomes in life so taking risks makes you feel uncomfortable. Due to this you miss precious opportunities in love، romance and friendship as well at times. You’re also a little stingy with money so learn the lesson of generosity especially when you are out and it is your turn to pay for a round of drinks or the meal. What comes around goes around and this is an important lesson for most Capricorns.

Happiness comes from being bighearted; this is not always apparent to you early in life but as you mature you will get it! Don’t be so concerned with issues of control or cash. When you learn to share with others your life will really start to be fulfilling. And your friendships will also grow.