Sada El Balad : Hyundai set to unveil SUV that can be unlocked just by scanning your fingerprint (طباعة)
Hyundai set to unveil SUV that can be unlocked just by scanning your fingerprint
آخر تحديث: الخميس 20/12/2018 08:29 ص Edited by: Yara Sameh
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Hyundai has created a futuristic car system that lets drivers unlock and start their car just by scanning their fingerprint، daily mail reported.

The system is set to debut in the new Santa Fe SUV and launched in China beginning in early 2019، according to ZDNet.

A fingerprint scanner is built into both the door handle، as well as the ignition.

Multiple drivers and their fingerprints can be registered to the same car.

When a user unlocks the car، their fingerprint is scanned and that encrypted data is sent to the car.

Depending on who unlocked the car، the car will be able to adjust to personalized settings، such as changing the seat position، or the angle of the rear-view mirrors.

Hyundai also plans to add customized temperature، humidity and steering wheel settings.

Other high-tech features in the new Santa Fe will include voice recognition and a wireless phone charger.

The Korean carmaker said its fingerprint scanning system relies on human capacitance to work.

This means it's able to differentiate between the electricity levels in various parts of the finger to determine that it's actually your fingerprint - not an impostor's.

Hyundai said it's so accurate that it has an error rate of 1 in 50،000، which is the same data point touted by Apple for its Touch ID on the iPhone، iPad and other devices، Engadget noted.

The firm isn't the first to include a fingerprint scanner as a means of starting up a vehicle.

Tesla Model 3s give users the ability to start their car by using a smartphone as a fingerprint scanner، according to Engadget.

Incorporating a fingerprint scanner on a door handle has previously been deemed too challenging، as the readers have to be able to withstand rays from the sun، frigid temperatures in the winter، as well as moisture from the rain.

Many of the firms behind fingerprint scanning technology have said they're eager to bring the tech to cars.

Beyond adapting to a user's preference، the technology could also be used for parental controls restrictions and navigation devices، among other things.

Fingerprint scanners analyze the unique ridges and valleys that make up a user's finger.

They use human capacitance to do so، picking up electrical currents generated from different parts of a user's fingerprint to develop an idea of what your print looks like.

This process is powered by a variety of sensors، made up of semiconductor chips، in the fingerprint scanner.

After it finishes collecting this data، it's stored on the device to compare with other fingerprints at a later date.