Sada El Balad : EMA expects rainfall on the northern coasts (طباعة)
EMA expects rainfall on the northern coasts
آخر تحديث: الإثنين 17/12/2018 08:48 ص Sada ElBalad: Basant Ahmed
EMA expects rainfall
Egyptian Meteorological Authority ( EMA) said on Monday the rainfall is expected on the northern coasts.
Meteorologists expect moderate weather to prevail، Monday across most parts of Egypt، while cold weather is predicted across all regions throughout the night.

Low and medium level cloud cover is predicted، on the northern coasts، Lower Egypt، Cairo، South Sinai and some areas in the south.

Meanwhile، maritime in the Mediterranean Sea will face moderate movement، with wave height in the Mediterranean Sea ranging between 1 and a half meters to 2 meters، accompanied by Southwesterly wind on the surface، while the Red sea will face turbulent sea conditions، with wave height ranging between 2 meters to 2 meters and half، with a north-westerly wind on the surface.

The Maximum temperature predicted for Cairo is 19