Sada El Balad : Watch… Nesreen Amin’s daring photo session (طباعة)
Watch… Nesreen Amin’s daring photo session
آخر تحديث: السبت 15/12/2018 03:16 م Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Nesreen Amin
Nesreen Amin

Egyptian actress، Nesreen Amin took to her “Instagram” account to post her latest photo session،taken by Professional Photographer Nafisa Elmaksoud.

Moreover، Elmaksoud took to her account to post different pictures from the photo session.

Nesreen appeared in a daring look، wearing a black jumpsuit، with simple make-up and hairstyle، which gained the admiration of her fans across the social media networks.

"Arabian" she captioned.

Amin’s latest artistic work is TV series “Mamnoa El Ektrab Aw El Taswer”، and “Azmy and Ashgan”.

Mamnoa El Ektrab Aw El Taswer co-starring Zeina، Ahmed Fouad Selim، Fathy Abdel Wahab، Mai El-Kady، Mohamed Kassem، Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab،Tamim Abdou، Aaidah Riyadh، Mohamed Khamis، Mohamed Shahin، Ali Eltayeb، Nesreen Amin، and others.

The series is written by Mohamed Elsafty، and directed by Ziad El Weshahy.

Noteworthy، Nesreen Amin is an Egyptian actress. She was born on March 9، 1984.

She graduated from the Department of Communications from the Faculty of Applied Arts from the University of Helwan، and then joined the Actors’ Studio in order to study acting.

After she was cast in a number of smaller roles، director Yusri Nasrallah cast her in an important role in the film “Ihkee Ya Schehrazade” (Scheherazade، Tell Me a Story).

Afterwards، she appeared in a number of TV serials، including “Abwab El Khof” (Doors of Fear)، “Sharbat Louz” (Almond Syrup)، “Zaat،” “El Sabaa Wesaya” (The Seven Commandments)، and “Segn El Nisaa” (Womens’ Prison).

She participated in 2017’s Ramadan drama marathon with drama TV series “Bein AL Sarayat” co-starring Nesreen Amin، Bassem Samra، Simone، Rojina، Sabry Fawaz، Naglaa Badr and others.

The series revolves around the relationship between the University of Cairo، and education in general، with the town of Bein El Sarayat، where it stands.