Sada El Balad : Myriam Fares tops YouTube with music video “Goumi” (طباعة)
Myriam Fares tops YouTube with music video “Goumi”
آخر تحديث: السبت 15/12/2018 02:26 م Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Myriam Fares
Myriam Fares

Lebanese superstar، Myriam Fares music video “Goumi” achieved a great success by achieved a great success by earning 2 1،710،964 viewers، and ranking no. 1 on Lebanon’s YouTube trending list، after she released the music video on her official YouTube channel، on December 12.

She celebrated the music video success on her social media accounts saying: “#Myriamees you guys are the best #GOUMI”.

The music video is written and composted by Yousef Alomani.

The Lebanese superstar took to her social media accounts to post a picture with date of “12.12.2018” to announce that she will release a new music production، indeed، Myriam released Wednesday a new music video entitled “Goumi” (Rise)، on her official YouTube channel.

Fares have taken to her social media accounts to talk about her new music video، where she posted a picture from her music video.

“The past period was a very important stage in my life، I was afraid، I cried، I was falling apart. Your love and thoughts surrounded me with all the positivity in the world and I stood up again. I say: "Enjoy your life...every moment is a blessing" and always believe that even the worst times are as per God’s will for your own good and he will guide you to make it through. Here I am back and I'm more than happy to share with you my latest Hit & Music Video #Goumi made with so much love and passion. Hit the link in the bio and enjoy it ❤” she captioned.

Lebanese Twitter users flooded the social network with messages about Fares، after releasing the music video، were # Myriam_Fares hashtag ranked no.1 on Lebanon’s Twitter trending list.

On June 26، the Lebanese superstar took to her social media accounts to announce suffering from a severe sudden health crisis.

Her sudden health crisis led her to the cancer-benefit concert for the benefit of Kids First Association، which was scheduled for June 27، at Casino Du Liban، 22 km north of Beirut، in Lebanon.

Fares announced that she had “underwent a surgery.” In a statement، the singer apologized on her official “Instagram” saying "I was excited to perform my concert in Lebanon next Wednesday، but I was exposed to a severe health crisis that forced me to undergo surgery and advised doctors to stay in bed for seven weeks."

Noteworthy، Myriam Fares is a Lebanese singer، dancer and entertainer. She has released five albums. 

She set records on the music streaming service Anghami for most played artist and most played album for her fifth album Aman. 

Myriam made her acting debut with the series “Itiham” released in 2014.

Fares's first album was Myriam released in 2003، followed by Nadini in 2005.

Fares's third studio album "Bet'oul Eh"، was released in April 2008. The album creatively mixes music genres. It consists of nine songs، including romantic ballad "Mouch Ananiya". 

The music video showcases Fares’s acting skills، and the video was executed under the direction of Leila Kanaan. Two other songs of the Album "Bet'oul Eh" are "Betrouh"، and "Iyyam EL Shiti" were shot as music videos in Paris incarnating cinematographic ideas under Smayara's direction. 

Fares's fourth studio album "Min Oyouni"، was released on 1 September 2011. It consists of nine songs.

Fares married Lebanese American businessman Danny Mitri in August 2014 after 10 years of dating. The ceremony took place on the Greek island of Santorini. It was announced that they are expecting a child on 6 October 2015.

On February 6th 2016، Fares announced the birth of a boy، Jayden، via an Instagram post. Fares is a Christian. In 2015، she was amongst several famous Christian celebrities within the Arab world targeted by extremists cyber trolls for celebrating Easter.