Sada El Balad : Statement No (30): 27 takfirists killed، 342 hotbeds destroyed (طباعة)
Statement No (30): 27 takfirists killed، 342 hotbeds destroyed
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 12/12/2018 11:30 ص Sada ElBalad: Basant Ahmed
Statement No (30):
The General Command of Armed Forces issued on Wednesday statement No (30) on Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018، in this statement the armed forces announced the results of the military operations so far.

In the framework of "Sinai 2018" comprehensive combat operation carried out by elements of the armed forces in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior، the forces and elements of the police forces carried out Combing operations and large-scale raids on all axes، cities and villages in north and central Sinai، where they been able to achieve the following results:

- Killing three dangerous elements
-destroying 61 four-wheel vehicles on the western and southern borders
- killing 24 Takfiri terrorist elements During an exchange of fire with the forces
- Arresting 403 suspects
-Defusing 344 explosive devices and
-Destroying 342 hotbeds and strongholds in North and central Sinai
- seizing 27 vehicles
- Destroying 38 motorcycles