Sada El Balad : Watch... Menna Fadali stuns in her latest Instagram photos (طباعة)
Watch... Menna Fadali stuns in her latest Instagram photos
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 11/12/2018 03:34 م Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Menna Fadali
Menna Fadali

Egyptian actress، Menna Fadali posted new pictures of herself via her "Instagram" account، while she was attending Monday evening Fashion designer Hany El Behairy couture fashion show for FallWinter 2019 at the Nile Ritz-Carlton، amid the attendee of celebrities، officials and socialites.

Menna appeared stunning in a black dress، with simple makeup and hairstyle، which gained the admiration of her fans.

Noteworthy، Menna Fadali is an Egyptian actress and singer. She was born in Cairo in 1983.

She started acting in 2002 in the television series “Ayna Qalby?” (Where's my Heart?)، after she was introduced by her mother to director Magdy Abu Emeira.

She then appeared in numerous television series، including “Al Malek Farouk” (King Farouk)، “El Nas fi Kafr Askar” (People in Kafr Askar)، “Lahazat harega” (Critical Moments) and “Afarit El Sayala” (The Ghosts of El Sayala)، and The Excellence.

In 2004، Menna participated in TV series "Afreet Al Siala” (The Ghosts Of Al Sayala)، where her role was a turning point for her career.

Areet Al Siala co-starring Abla Kamel، Safia El Emary، Ahmed El Fishawy، Hassan Hosny، Khayria Ahmed، Zeina، and directed by Ismail Abdel-Hafez.

The series plot a woman who adopts and nurtures her nephew after his mother's death after he was born. He grows up with his aunt in Al Siala neighborhood، in Alexandria، where they suffer from poverty and difficult circumstances. When a wealthy businessman comes and claims to be his father and events escalates.

She is known for her roles in 2004 TV series “Afarit El Sayala” (The Ghosts of El Sayala)، in 2007 TV series “The Excellence”، in 2007 TV series “Al Malek Farouk” (King Farouq)، and in 2007 TV series “Lahazat harega” (Critical Moments).