Sada El Balad : Egyptian-British talks to establish free trade zone soon (طباعة)
Egyptian-British talks to establish free trade zone soon
آخر تحديث: السبت 17/11/2018 07:02 م Hassnein Tayea
Sir Geoffrey Adams، British newly appointed ambassador to Egypt، said on Saturday that there are Egyptian-British talks for the establishment of a free trade zone in the near future.

This came on the sidelines of the celebration of the Egyptian-British Association، headed by Dr. Khalid Nosier، on the occasion of appointing Adams as a new ambassador in Cairo، replacing former ambassador John Cassan، whose term ended at the end of last September.

The British ambassador said that Egypt has great opportunities in the field of natural gas discoveries as it will serve not only as the source of gas in the Arab Region but also as a global hub for oil and gas due to its distinguished geographical location.

He pointed out that Egypt has strong relations with some economic consortiums such as “COMESA”، as well as multinational companies operating in exploring new gas fields.

He added that Egypt has become a center for business opportunities and entrepreneurship as it is a very interesting emerging market for investors and seekers of these opportunities.

The British Ambassador praised the Egyptian government's actions in investing in human resources through the development of entrepreneurship projects.