Sada El Balad : Nancy Pelosi Vs President Trump (طباعة)
Nancy Pelosi Vs President Trump
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Nancy Pelosi Vs President

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi officially announced her bid for Speaker of the House Wednesday evening. Pelosi who held this title before under president Obama before democrats lose the majority in 2016 elections، is likely to win first-round voting later this month to become leader، as she needs half of House Democrats to support her bid.

President Trump، of all people، acknowledged that her hard work had earned her the right to be the next speaker، A post that’s going to make her the most powerful Democrat in D.C. and a threat to president Trump himself.
Fears go around not just hindering Trump policies and plans، but starting an investigation about the president Taxes and double interests.

But most fears goes around Nancy leading an impeachment attempt against the Republican president Trump.It is true that leading Democrats — including Nancy Pelosi، Joe Biden and Adam Schiff — have spent months saying that they are not eager to impeach President Donald Trump، many Democrats are salivating over the prospect of using their new House majority to investigate President Trump. They now control the most powerful and representative institution of government. House members wield the power to inhibit policies they oppose and to leverage that authority to insist on those they favor.

There has already been loose talk about topics like impeachment. But Congress should be asserting itself institutionally، not simply limiting the presidency. House Democrats should beware the seduction of investigation alone. Mr. Trump’s threat of a “warlike posture” toward investigations should neither intimidate nor bait them.

There is a political rationale for Pelosi and he Democratic pary caution. It would take two-thirds of the Senate to remove Trump from office، and so long as that supermajority seems highly unlikely to materialize، the Democrats may think that beginning impeachment proceedings would be pointless. Or worse، since it has the potential to help Trump motivate his supporters to vote in the next election.

But there are five reasons that، for all their protestations، Pelosi، as speaker of the house، may consider impeach Trump anyway.

First، the constitutional standard for impeachment is capacious. As Gene Healy notes in a recent review of the evidence for the Cato Institute، a president need not violate any statute for Congress to judge that he has committed "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" and that he can thus be impeached and removed from office.

The precise scope of the congressional power is subject to debate، but that's the point. Democrats can make any number of arguments for impeachment that are not obviously incompatible with the Constitution. What would matter is how reasonable Americans consider their case - and، of course، if Democrats want to make it.

But - point two - a lot of Democratic voters want to see the case for impeachment made. In the exit polls، 39 percent of Americans who voted for House candidates already favor impeachment، before Democrats have made a sustained case. About three-quarters of people who voted for Democratic candidates want Trump impeached.

Third، a lot of Democratic voters could well start to get frustrated next year as it becomes clear how little effect winning the House has had. House committees will be investigating the administration، sure، but the president will still be saying and doing things that outrage Democrats on a daily basis. His people will still be running the federal government according to his policies. His judges will keep getting confirmed.

For a lot of liberals، the midterms were about "holding Trump accountable." They might eventually ask their elected representatives why they are not exercising their full constitutional power to do that. That's especially likely to be the case if special counsel Robert Mueller issues a report that is less than a complete exoneration of the president over collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

A fourth reason the drive to impeach Trump might strengthen is the coming race for the Democratic presidential nomination. It will be a crowded field، including several members of Congress. The candidates will want to gain attention for the purity and fervor of their hostility to Trump. The campaign trail will not be an environment conducive to caution، especially about something that most Democratic voters want.

The fifth reason House Democrats might impeach Trump is that as the debate continues، it could become clear that the political risks are overstated.

Hence، and until Pelosi gets the post of the speaker، speculations are getting high about a battle of will between Trump and America iron lady، Nancy Pelosi