Sada El Balad : VIDEO: Bill Murray shoves a fan at Sydney Airport (طباعة)
VIDEO: Bill Murray shoves a fan at Sydney Airport
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VIDEO: Bill Murray
Bill Murray shoved a male fan at Sydney Airport on Friday after he apparently got too close to the actor and his female companion، daily mail reported.

The 68-year-old was strolling through the terminal alongside musicians Mira Wang and Jan Vogler when the incident happened.

Bill and Mira were walking side by side when a young man approached the actor، getting in Mira's way.

The Groundhog Day star was quick to stop in his tracks and push the fan away from their group.

A person in the background could then be heard asking Bill why he pushed their friend.

The comedian snapped back: 'He just pushed a woman، sir. He just pushed a woman.'

Afterwards، a security guard could be seen keeping the young man away from Bill and his entourage.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Bill Murray's representative for comment.

Earlier on، Bill was seen meeting with a small group of fans and shaking their hands.

He kept a low profile in a grey trackpants، a checkered shirt and a blue trucker cap which appeared to be a souvenir from Perth.

The Lost In Translation star is in Sydney for two performances of Bill Murray، Jan Vogler & Friends: New Worlds at the Opera House.

The concerts will take place on November 9 and 10.

The show is a combination of spoken word and classical music.

Bill will sing and read from the works from Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway set to classical music.

Accompanying will be supported by cellist Jan Vogler، violinist Mira Wang and pianist Vanessa Perez.

The quartet made an appearance outside of the Sydney Opera House to met with the press ahead of this evening's performance.

Bill and Jan's collaboration began after a chance meeting in an airport security line.

It's believed Bill commented on the size of Jan's cello، before they began chatting.

Speaking to to the New York Times، the Oscar winner called the pair's collaboration، 'the collision of America and Europe.

He added: 'We are from four different continents. And when the continents come together، the music moves right across the peninsulas from one to the other. It's just a short journey from one continent to the other.'