Sada El Balad : Mohamed Mounir to perform live in Dubai on November 15 (طباعة)
Mohamed Mounir to perform live in Dubai on November 15
آخر تحديث: الخميس 08/11/2018 04:25 م Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Mohamed Mounir
Mohamed Mounir

“The king” Legendary singer، Mohamed Mounir will perform live at the Global Village Dubailand، in Dubai، UAE، on November 15.

Moreover، the King is scheduled to release his first song from his upcoming album on November 10، after he finished putting the final touches on it.

The album is scheduled to be released entirely on CD in the market after the album’s songs is fully released، which is due at the beginning of 2019، where Mounir is scheduled to film two songs as a music video with an Italian director، who is currently is in talks with.

Noteworthy، Mohamed Mounir، the cousin of Mohammed Munir and his business manager، assured Al-King's fans of his health، confirming that he is okay and will leave the hospital within a few days.

A medical source at Dar El Fouad Hospital denied all reports of the seriousness of the condition of singer Mohamed Mounir and his emergency surgery. He confirmed that the date of the surgery was determined previously، in coordination with the singer، taking into account his technical obligations.

He pointed out that the surgery was performed in the ureter، Intensive care is not required، and the singer is expected to leave the hospital a few days later.

The family of the big star was keen to be with him، and a number of friends and relatives were present.