Sada El Balad : Imbaba Misdemeanor Court to hold the first trial of Mohamed Ramadan’s driver (طباعة)
Imbaba Misdemeanor Court to hold the first trial of Mohamed Ramadan’s driver
آخر تحديث: الخميس 08/11/2018 11:14 ص Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Mohamed Ramadan,
Mohamed Ramadan, his wife

Imbaba Misdemeanor Court will start Today، Thursday، the first hearing of the trial of multi-talented star، Mohamed Ramadan’s driver for the manslaughter of a Sudanese and injuring three other Egyptians، and Thais in a car collision on the 26th of July Corridor.

Walid Siraj، the first Attorney General of the Prosecutor of the Karadasa Prosecutor had referred the driver to an urgent trial before the misdemeanor court.

Investigations pointed out that a Hyundai Verna, belonging to some delivery company, was driving on the 26th of July Corridor before the Vodafone tunnel in the direction of Lebanon Square carrying 5 people، a driver، an Egyptian and his Thailand wife، their Thailand friend، and a Sudanese man، on their way for the Sudanese to receive a job in a restaurant، when the car's left front tire exploded، which caused the car to collide into a pavement، then stopped at the road.

A black Chrysler car carrying Ramadan’s wife and her friend، led by the star’s wife driver crashed immediately on the right side of the Hyundai, leaving three of the Hyundai passengers injured, Investigations added.

However، the accident left the Sudanese man ,41, with a severe head injury that led to his coma as a result of a haemorrhage.

The Sudanese was transferred to a hospital and died an hour later from his injuries.

Moreover, the accident left Ramadan’s wife and her friend with foot fractures، while the Hyundai car was completely smashed، while the chrysler car’s the front of the car of the was smashed.

The Investigation was initiated by Islam Shaker، director of the Karadasa prosecution and the Imbaba Center.

The prosecution charged the driver with the manslaughter of the Sudanese and injuring 3 others، and ordered his detention for 4 days pending investigation.

Noteworthy، Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor. He was born on May 23، 1988.

Mohamed Ramadan began acting while at school. He has received the award for greatest nationwide talent three times consecutively – an unprecedented achievement.

He started his career with small roles in TV series like “The Cindrella” until he had his big break in Yousry Nasrallah's “Ehky Ya Sharazad” (Tell me، Shahrazad).

He then went on to star in blockbusters produced by the famous Egyptian producers Mohamed and Ahmed El Sobky، which made him one of the most valuable actors in the middle east.

Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by the internationally renowned actor Omar el-Sherif who stated that he had chosen Mohamed to perpetuate his acting legacy.