Sada El Balad : Actor Khaled El Nabawy trends twitter after TV host Mona El Shazly’s interview (طباعة)
Actor Khaled El Nabawy trends twitter after TV host Mona El Shazly’s interview
آخر تحديث: الخميس 08/11/2018 09:46 ص Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Mona El Shazly, Khaled
Mona El Shazly, Khaled El Nabawy

Twitter users flooded the social network with messages about multi-talented star، Khaled El Nabawy after Well-known TV host، Mona El-Shazly hosted him Wednesday evening on her program “Maakom Mona El-Shazly” broadcasted on “CBC” Channel.

During the interview، Khaled addressed several topics including his latest artist works، as well as shed light on his acting career.

He also talked about the importance of community participation in facing social issues and problems، and the importance of all parties’ participation to raise the country.

The hashtag is currently ranked no.2 on the trending list.

Noteworthy، Khaled Mohamed El Nabawy is an Egyptian actor having played roles in film، theater and television. He was born on September 12، 1966 in the city of Al Mansoura.

He graduated from the Institute for Theatrical Arts in 1989 and has performed in several theatrical productions، including “Al Bahr Beyidhak Leih”، “Al Ginzeer” and “Kefah Teeba”. 

He has also performed exceptionally in several TV series، including “Bawabat Al Halawany”، “Sharea Al Mawaridy”. 

El Nabawy was introduced to cinema by renowned director، Youssef Chahine in 1994، in his film Al Mohager.

He mainly acted in minor roles before Chahine assigned him leading ones in the films such as “Al Mohager”، “Zaman Al Hilm Al Daea”، “Al Hilm Al Moajal”، “Al Maseer”. This followed his success in short film “Al Qahira Menawara Be Ahlaha”. 

He also worked as an announcer for a Gulf TV channel in 2002.