Sada El Balad : Global Media talked positively about the Youth Forum: Khaled Miry (طباعة)
Global Media talked positively about the Youth Forum: Khaled Miry
آخر تحديث: الخميس 08/11/2018 08:33 ص Sada ElBalad: Basant Ahmed
Global Media talked
Editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar Newspaper Khaled Miry، said that The international media talked positively about the world youth forum and stressed that it was an opportunity to held a meeting between the young people and leaders and to redeliver the message of peace from the land of peace.

The correspondents of the international media were keen to be in Sharm el-Sheikh، and sent positive messages and reports confirming Egypt's deployment of peace and development، Miry added in a statement to On E satellite channel.

WYF 2018 was held under the umbrella of the country’s National Academy for Youth Training and Empowerment، established in 2017.

The WYF's 2018 agenda included various topics which reflect the visions and aspirations of the world’s youth.

The forum also allowed participants to exchange their experiences in different fields، including development and innovation.

Several models، including a simulation of the Arab African Summit، were held on the sidelines of the forum.

WYF was held under the auspices of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi، who agreed in November during a peace marathon that the forum would be held annually.