Sada El Balad : Too Poor for Peace?: Global Poverty، Conflict، and Security in the 21st Century (طباعة)
Too Poor for Peace?: Global Poverty، Conflict، and Security in the 21st Century
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Book cover
Book cover
Extreme poverty exhausts institutions، depletes resources، weakens leadership، and ultimately contributes to rising insecurity and conflict. Just as poverty begets insecurity، however، the reverse is also true. As the destabilizing effects of conflict settle in، civil institutions are undermined and poverty proliferates. Breaking this nexus between poverty and conflict is one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century.

The authors of this compelling book—some of the most experienced practitioners from around the world—investigate the complex and dynamic relationship between poverty and insecurity، exploring possible agents for change. They bring the latest lessons and intellectual framework to bear in an examination of African leadership، the private sector، and American foreign aid as vehicles for improving economic conditions and security.

Contributors include Colin Kahl (University of Minnesota)،Vinca LaFleur (Vinca LaFleur Communications)، Edward Miguel (University of California، Berkeley)، Jane Nelson (Harvard University and Brookings)، Anthony Nyong (University of Jos and the International Development Research Centre، Nairobi)، Susan Rice (Brookings)، Robert Rotberg (Harvard University and the World Peace Foundation)، Marc Sommers (Tufts University)، Hendrik Urdal (International Peace Research Institute)، and Jennifer Windsor (Freedom House).

About the Author
Lael Brainard is vice president and director of the Global Economy and Development Program at the Brookings Institution، where she holds the Bernard E. Schwartz Chair in International Economics. Brainard served as deputy national economic adviser in the Clinton administration. Derek Chollet is a nonresident fellow with the Brookings Institution's Global Economy and Development program. He is also a fellow in the Interntional Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University.

Paperback: 175 pages
Author: Lael Brainard
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press (May 3، 2007)
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches

Editorial Reviews
"Brainard and Chollet have given us a book as timely as it is insightful. The authors do more than define the problem--they offer concrete ideas for those who want to do something about it." —Mohamed Ibrahim، Celtel International

"TOO POOR FOR PEACE? translates cutting-edge research into practical solutions for the developing world. It is for everyone who is concerned with poverty and peace." —James D. Wolfensohn، Citigroup International Advisory Board، and former president of the World Bank

"This book tackles one of the biggest challenges of our time: the poverty-insecurity nexus. Its focus on the role of leadership and the private sector to fight poverty and end conflict is particularly poverful and should influence the work of scholars and practitioners alike." —Mary Robinson، Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative، and former president of Ireland

"A very useful introduction to its topics and as such very much recommended to، for instance، practitioners and nonspecialists as well as for use in university classes." —Bjorn Moller، Danish Institute for Security Studies، The Economics of Peace and Security Journal