Sada El Balad : Fish Tacos (طباعة)
Fish Tacos
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For fish
4 tilapia Fish or swai fillets، slices diagonally into 1 inch strips
Fish Taco Sauce
13 cup mayo
13 cup sour cream
juice of 12 lime
12 t salt
Fish batter
34 cup of flour
34 cup of water
2 T corn starch
14 t baking powder
14 t baking soda
1 t salt
½ t black pepper، optional

sliced cabbage
wedges of lime
diced cilantro

15 – 20 Tortillas، corn or flour
In bowl we’re going to the flour، baking powder، black pepper، salt and baking soda. Whisk in the water until smooth.
Lightly salt fish and set aside. Get a pot over medium heat and let it come to 350 Fahrenheit.
Make sure your start frying at the right temperature. Dip the fish pieces into the batter and shake off the excess. Gently lower the fish into the pot letting it start to cooking before lowering the whole thing into the pot.
Flip these fish once. When they’re a beautiful brown color remove them to a cooling rack.
Add salt، lime juice، mayo and sour cream to a bowl and stir until smooth. Check for seasonings. Make sure there is a nice balance between the lime juice and salt. This is optional but you can put sauce in a baggie، snip off the end and use it drizzle sauce over tacos.
Heat up tortillas up in non-stick pan.
Add a piece of fish، some cabbage، and drizzle or spoon some sauce over the top. Enjoy.