Sada El Balad : Women who eat a Mediterranean diet face a 22% lower risk of stroke (طباعة)
Women who eat a Mediterranean diet face a 22% lower risk of stroke
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 21/09/2018 08:34 م Edited by Ahmed Moamar
Women who eat a Mediterranean
Women who eat a Mediterranean diet face much lower odds of suffering a stroke - but not men.

Researchers have found women who consume lots of fish، olive oil and vegetables have a 22 per cent reduced risk، as the Daily Mail said.

In comparison، the odds were only six per cent lower in men following the diet، which scientists warned may be down to chance.

The Mediterranean diet revolves mainly around eating lots of fish، fruits، nuts and vegetables، while cutting down on meat and dairy.

An array of studies have already shown following the diet can boost heart health، and even stave off cancer and boost sleep.
The new trial، which assigned participants into four groups based on how closely they adhered to a Mediterranean diet، adds to the ever-growing list of benefits.

Experts at the University of East Anglia، who led the study of 23،000 people، then compared their stroke risk over a 17-year period.

Results showed the overall risk of suffering a stroke was slashed by around 17 per cent - but there was a huge gender difference.
Patients at high risk of heart disease، leaving them vulnerable to a stroke، also had a lower risk of stroke if they followed a Mediterranean diet.

But، once again، the benefit of the diet was mostly driven from the protection it offered women - who had a 20 per cent reduced risk.
Lead author Professor Ailsa Welch said: 'It is unclear why we found differences between women and men.