Sada El Balad : Opener BlackFly is Larry Page’s another flying car project (طباعة)
Opener BlackFly is Larry Page’s another flying car project
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 24/07/2018 11:02 ص Edited by: Yara Sameh
Opener BlackFly
Opener BlackFly
The term “flying car” or officially، the “personal aircraft” is nothing more than a fantasy to most people، understandably so. However، there are a bunch of startups and even big companies working on them، and they all want you to take them seriously، autodevot reported.

Aston Martin revealed the Volante Vision concept last week. President and CEO Andy Palmer went on to say that the cities will continue to get congested and “we need to look at alternative solutions.”

While the Aeromobil and Geely-backed Terrafugia are literally flying cars، most other companies are developing electric drones which have VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capability. China’s Ehang، Audi-Airbus’ upcoming air-taxi project and even Uber’s VTOL concept، to name a few. Uber is even dreaming of a futuristic uberAIR Skyport network.

Are the cities of the future going to be so contested that one would require a “flying car” to get around? Google’s Larry Page appears to think so. Last month، we saw the Kitty Hawk Flyer which is now accepting pre-orders. This month، another company backed by Page was discovered by the media، and they even issued a press release admitting the same. “Larry Page is one of the company’s strategic backers،” the Opener said in its statement.

Verge reports that Page’s interest in flying cars dates back to 2010، when he funded Levt Inc.، a company started by Stanford University Professor Ilan Kroo. Levt changed to Zee.Aero and then to Cora، which now belongs to Kitty Hawk – a company led by Sebastian Thrun – one of the founders of X (formerly Google X).

The BlackFly is a single-seater personal aircraft with electric 8 motors. Its carbon fiber structure can hold up to 12 kWh battery pack which gets 40+ mile (64+ km) range. Cruise speed in US is limited to 62 mph while others can enjoy 80+ mph or 130 kmh. The design makes it amphibious-capable as well.

Opener claims 80% charge in 25 minutes. Ballistic Parachute System (BPS) is optional.