Sada El Balad : A mutant goat with two heads and four eyes is filmed in Pakistan (طباعة)
A mutant goat with two heads and four eyes is filmed in Pakistan
آخر تحديث: السبت 10/03/2018 10:10 ص Edited by: Yara Sameh
A mutant goat with

A strange two-faced mutant goat with two mouths and four eyes has been born in Pakistan، a strange video reveals، daily mail reported.

The baffling creature is shown suckling on a milk bottle in the short clip which has has been circulated online.

This unusual creature appears to have a condition called polycephaly، which derives from the Greek word poly، meaning 'many' and kephale، meaning 'head'.

Animals with this condition، also referred to as dicephalic parapagus، have two heads on one torso.

Each head of a polycephalic animal has its own brain، and they share control of the organs and limbs، though the specific structure of the connections varies between each case.

Animals with the condition rarely live beyond a few months.

'Although rare، two-headed animals have been documented since the 1800s'، according to the video website Newsflare.

The unusual condition was captured in a brief film taken in Rawalpindi، Pakistan، according to the website.

Puzzled onlookers could be heard referring to the phenomenon as 'a wonder of nature'.

They are referred to as bicephalic or dicephalic if the animals have two heads. If they have three heads they are referred to as tricephalic.
Last year، another mutant goat with human-like facial features was circulated on the internet.

Footage of the odd animal swept the web after the creature was discovered in an Indian village.

It appeared to have the facial structure of a human thanks to its delicate nose and lips، which appeared to be bent upwards forming a pout on its face.

Its nose also resembled that of a human's rather than the snout of a goat.

The pictures were uploaded onto social media by Samiraa Aissa who shared them with her Facebook friends.

They were taken from a video which shows two people pulling the animal around while trying to determine what it is.

The bizarre clip racked up tens of thousands of views from across the globe since it was uploaded online.

She wrote: 'A strange creature has been discovered in India. The animal، whose shape resembles that of a human being، terrified a whole village.'