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CANCER friendship

Saturday 22/June/2019 - 10:24 AM
CANCER friendship
CANCER friendship

The key word in any friendship has to be loyalty and with Cancer this comes naturally. Being the nurturers of the zodiac، they value friendship but not necessarily in quantity so much as in quality، according to astrology.com.au.

You، Cancer، are able to make others feel great about themselves، and by taking interest in their lives، their circumstances and the highs and lows that come with life، you are appreciated as a great friend. Actually، you probably don’t know it، but this one point of taking interest in others، not speaking so much about yourself، is a great secret in winning friends and influencing others. You’ve got it، and you may not have even realised it.

You are selfless in the way you approach friends and when you regard someone in this way you will do anything for them. You realise that people want to be wanted and loved and to be made to feel good about them. And this you do in full measure with your friends.

You are irresistible، because you really do want to help others and really are interested in them. Your loving nature is a standout trait، and puts you in everyone’s Top 10 as a friend and confidante. The way you share your feelings inspires others to do the same.

For some، this openness and warmth can mean you could be taken on a few rides. If you are an evolved Cancerian، though، it will mean quite the contrary. You are shrewd and perceptive when it comes to choosing friends and long-term partners، and use your intuition to understand people’s motivations.

You have another great talent: an interest in general knowledge، which you put to use in very practical ways. You are also keen to share your knowledge and are never too proud to listen to another person’s view (you may not take their advice، though!). Many Cancerians make their nurturing، never-say-no-to-anyone
spirit، the guiding direction for their lives.

What may surprise you at times، (and this will probably happen over a longer period) is that، as much as you give to others، you don’t often find that they reciprocate to the same extent. Have you ever wondered about this? Well، let me tell you one of the main reasons for this happening to you، Cancer. You have a tendency to hold much of your emotional inner life as private، even secret. When it comes to sharing how you feel، for whatever reason، maybe because you think you’re imposing on others and don’t want to burden them، others observe that you prefer them not to tamper with this sacrosanct area of your life.

Eliciting the same sort of response from your friends requires a greater degree of openness on your part. Perhaps not strangely، this involves trust. If you regard someone as a friend، and have done so for many، many years، they would also like to feel as trusted as you do. It may gradually take time for you to open up. But the more you do، the more you’ll be able to deepen your friendship and ties of love with those who genuinely care as much for you as you do for them.

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