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Nike Is Using Augmented Reality To Know Your Exact Shoe Size

Friday 10/May/2019 - 10:31 PM
Sada El Balad
Any sneakerhead out there knows Nike's shoes are very inconsistent when it comes to sizing. Which is why the Swoosh brand wants to make it easier for users to shop for the perfect-sized pair of kicks، as the Technical Times said.

Nike is updating its app with a new augmented reality feature called Nike Fit that will measure the user's feet so that it can sell them sneakers that actually fit. Buying shoes online is always a difficult، cumbersome process since there's no way to actually try the shoes on. On top of that، some brands lie about shoe sizes، so there's really no way to be sure if they'll fit. What's more، brands seem to follow different size standards، so while a person may be، say، size eight on Nike، they might be a nine on Adidas.

Nike Fit
With this new feature، though، Nike says it'll be able to measure each foot individually، including the size، shape، and volume، and it's accurate within 2 millimeters، too. After Nike measures the user's foot، it'll suggest the specific size of the shoe style they're looking at. It also gives more information such as، "80 percent of people with similar feet to you purchased this size" or، "This shoe runs slightly small." It'll also tell the user if their left foot is bigger than their right، and vice versa.

Of course، once measured، Nike will keep feet data and will be saved in the user's profile، which means they don't have to measure their feet every time they're looking for a pair of kicks. Also، if the user visits a retail store، staff will know which sizes best fit them just by scanning a QR code from the Nike app.

To be clear، this isn't just a gimmick، and Nike isn't merely riding on the current AR wave، as Engadget reports. The company says it'll integrate this into its app as a primary feature for measuring shoes، and that it'll use it at its retail stores as well. In other words، Nike is pretty confident about this new measuring tool، though its accuracy remains to be tested.

Nike Fit Release Date
According to industry research، over 60 percent of people wear the wrong shoe size. Nike hopes to solve that problem with Nike Fit. The Nike app is available on iOS and Android.

The AR feature is rolling out in Nike's app in July in the United States. But Nike plans to bring it to European users in August as well. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.
Edited by Ahmed Moamar

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