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The iPhone SE Is Back In The Apple Store، And It’s Discounted

Tuesday 26/March/2019 - 09:34 PM
Sada El Balad
Technical Times
Everyone's favorite iPhone is back، and cheaper، too. The iPhone SE just showed up in the Apple Store again. Three variants are available، and they're likely going away soon so those who'd much rather have petite iPhone than Apple's big-sized XS and XS Max should act fast.

There's a subset of Apple fans، and even a handful of Android folks، who prefer the SE's smaller size. As smartphones get bigger and bigger screens، the iPhone SE quenches the thirst for a device one can use with a single hand. Apple is now selling its old-generation iPhone SE for as little as $250.

iPhone SE Back Again
It's worth noting that this isn't a new iPhone SE model. It's very likely the last of Apple's stock the company has finally decided to put on clearance. That means this may very well be the last time users can buy the petite handset.

Many Apple fans thought the iPhone SE was dead after Apple removed it from its store when the iPhone XS and XR were announced in September 2018. Although there remains a passionate fanbase for the little phone، it just didn't fit in with the rest of Apple's new devices، with their Face ID-wiedling notches and other fancy new technology.

Would There Be A New iPhone SE?
It's unclear if Apple will continue making iPhone SEs in the future. The earliest fans will get to hear about new stuff is when Apple takes the stage again this coming September. There might be a new iPhone SE، there might be not. The important thing is customers can get one now if they wish. Be sure to check out Apple's clearance website to see all the models on sale.

Note that all the models are brand new، not refurbished. They come with now-ancient Apple technology such as Touch ID، an A9 chip، and a 4-inch screen. The last time Apple put the iPhone SE on sale، stock cleared out in a day، so better hurry up.

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