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You will be able to visit the Titanic from 2019 - but it’ll set you back over £83،000

Tuesday 18/December/2018 - 09:45 AM

IF visiting the wreck of the Titanic has always been the top of your to-do list، you could be in luck، the sun reported.

During the summer of 2019، there will be a series of "expeditions" to the wreck and they're looking for people to join the crew.

The trips are organised by OceanGate Expeditions، who are looking to photograph and video the Titanic for scientific research.

Six different missions are planned from June 26 next year، all departing from Newfoundland in Canada، and will last for a week each.

OceanGate will require nine "mission specialists" to board each of their missions، with the fees set at US$105،129 (£83،365) per person.

According to its website، this fee is "equivalent to the cost of First Class passage ($4،350) on Titanic’s inaugural sailing after adjusting for inflation".

The fee includes all accommodation and meals، as well as specialist training.

You will be supplied with expedition gear and get to attend events with scientists and experts.

The highlight of the mission is the dive and the crew will go on a three-hour dive around the Titanic in a mini submarine، with the travel time taking the total time under water to between six to eight hours.

The dives can take place any time night or day، depending on weather.

Five people at a time will be in the subs، which features a large viewport.

While the crew will rotate for the best views، there are also external cameras providing near 180-degree views.

Most of the time underwater will be spent exploring the bow of the ship، where the grand staircase was once located، but you may also get to see other parts of the vessel and even explore the debris field around the ship.

The ship is rich in marine life، and part of the aim of the expedition will be to document these.

Aside from having the funds، you will need to be able to show that you have basic balance، mobility and flexibility through tasks such as climbing a six foot step ladder and carrying 20lbs.

You'll also be expected to board small zodiac boats on rough seas and complete Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET).

If، like most people، the expedition is out of your budget، you might want to look into sailing on a Titanic replica.

Earlier this year، Sun Online Travel revealed that Titanic II will set sail in 2022.

While rates haven't been released yet، it's likely to be more affordable.

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