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LIBRA friendship

Tuesday 25/September/2018 - 11:00 AM
LIBRA sign
LIBRA sign
The sweet and charming part of a Libran personality is what makes them social butterflies. They’re always loved by everyone wherever they go and they’re able to bring some zest and interest to any social gathering or event that they happen to be invited to، according to astrology.com.au. You’ll find Librans are excellent listeners and although they often have a great story to tell it’s nice to know that someone’s not just pretending to hear what you’re saying but actually taking in and consider what your view point is and if you have a problem give wonderful advice as well.

There are times when Libra is so indecisive however that their desire to please everyone can become rather irritating to you. There are times when you need a decision now and it could involve several people and Libra doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings، you may be waiting a while until your Libran friend actually gets down to making a firm decision.

Librans doesn’t particularly care what echelon of society others come from and are able to be friends with people from all cultures and all classes. They are genuinely sincere in their desire to connect with the spiritual part of another human being and not necessarily focusing on what they have or what they can get from them.

Your Libran friend is exciting and enthusiastic about everything but most importantly about other human beings. Librans are primarily focused on relationships and so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a relative، a work colleague or a friend they will always do their best to improve their relationships and get on.

One of the main reasons Librans surround themselves with people is because they do detest being alone. Perhaps if you’re a Libran reading this you should try to distinguish being alone and being lonely. One of my best pieces of advice to many of the Librans that have come to see me is that they should learn to develop the most important relationship of all – the relationship with themselves.

Librans also love to look and be their best to others which makes them very popular. Fashion can be a problem however when they spend hours and hours looking at themselves in the mirror trying to figure out what the best colour combination or fashion statement is likely to be. If you’re a friend of a Libran and want to get down to the serious business of discussing an issue you may also end up frustrated because Librans for the most part avoid conflict like the plague. Naturally، we all want peace but when there are moments where you need to air your grievances and they walk away from that that can be a problem.

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